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We started a session on 19 April- 7 June 2020 via Zoom platform. This topic was handled by different gifted ministers of the gospel and the multiplicity of thoughts from our guest speakers brought a rich perspective to the subject.

Below are some of the reflections from the sessions we had. We trust that you will be blessed as you read through and meditate on some of these points to help you navigate your way during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic that practically lockdown virtually sectors of the global economy.

Greetings beloved, as part of RCCG Christian social responsibilities and fulfilling the scriptures in Matthew 25:35-36, TODZ donated household items  and packaged meals to the food bank in Zoetermeer. Stay elevated!

Monday, 20 January 2020 08:06



Welcome to the year 2020! It is a new decade, a leap year. In the order of Acts 3:8, may you leap for joy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Towards the end of 2019; We  got a Divine prompting that 2020 would be a strategic year- to put it correctly...” A year of Divine Strategy.” It came so strongly that we decided to change our mindsets, outlooks and approach life, family and ministry differently.

TEXT: ​​1 Sam. 10: 1-12; Ecc. 8:4
God intends to anoint us in these 21 Days of prayer with the kingly anointing and usher us into the office of a king with authority on this planet earth, to say and do things like a king.
The anointing of David and Saul are good examples of the kingly anointing. God sent Samuel to anoint Saul, an ordinary person and the effect of that kingly anointing on Saul completely transformed him into a different person.

TEXT: ​​1 Cor. 16:9; Rev. 3:8; John 3:27

Open doors in the Bible signify opportunities that will cause a person to make progress and advance in life. These doors can be doors in marriage, career, ministry, finances, health or fruit of the womb. God has already opened the doors. God opened the door to the throne for David but Saul was there to oppose. We shall see the open door than the troubles of Saul.
Saul is there to prepare us to sit on the throne with wisdom and experience.

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